Ann Arbor, MI - University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan is the home of the University of Michigan and Michigan football.  Ann Arbor hosts some of the largest sporting and cultural events in the world.  University of Michigan Stadium, the "Big House", has the capacity to hold more than 115,000 fans.  University of Michigan Stadium is the largest college football stadium in the United States.  On University of Michigan football game day, more than 200,000 college football fans show up to tailgate and enjoy pre-game festivities.  Whether the crowds are in town for a University of Michigan football game, World Cup Soccer, the NHL Winter Classic, or the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair, parking in Ann Arbor, Michigan is always a challenge.  And, tailgating before a University of Michigan football game is a bucket list experience! 

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If you're coming to Ann Arbor, Michigan in your RV or Camper to see a University of Michigan football game, be sure to make a parking reservation before you arrive.  Ann Arbor has a limited number of available RV and Camper parking spaces for University of Michigan football games. Without a Park N Party RV or Camper parking reservation, your chances of finding a parking place to park your RV or Camper on Michigan football game day are slim to none, at best.  With your RV parking reservation, you can arrive Friday evening, depart Sunday by noon.  Don't wait!  Reserve your University of Michigan football RV or Camper parking spot with Park N Party today!   Here are several terrific Ann Arbor, Michigan RV and Camper Locations, Click Here!