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Parking Questions

Check out our Park n Party Video.  It will give you an overview of how things work.  Click here.

The parking spot you reserved will be held up to 30 minutes before an event's scheduled start time. Unless otherwise stated, reservations are for a specific parking lot, not for a specific parking space.


If you arrive late (less than 30 minutes before an event's scheduled start time) and the parking lot is full, please be sure to provide the parking lot attendant your name, license plate number, and transaction ID. They'll contact Park n Party to confirm a refund of your Reservation Fee. However, you should contact Park n Party customer service as well at support@parknparty.com. Please allow a minimum of 7 to 10 days for a Reservation Fee refund to be processed through the credit card system. For late arrivals, Convenience Fees are non-refundable.

If an event is cancelled or postponed prior to event day, your Parking Reservation and Convenience Fees will be refunded. If a cancellation or postponement occurs on event day for any reason (e.g., weather, acts of god, etc.), it will be up to each Lot Owner to decide whether or not to issue a Reservation Fee refund.  Convenience Fees are not refunded for event day postponements.

Parking and tailgate prices are set by each Lot Owner.  The Convenience Fee is set by Park n Party.

Once your reservation has been secured, you will be prompted by the Park n Party system to "Check-in" 48 hours prior to the event. To check in, we have you assign a vehicle to your reservation which then creates a printable parking pass. This printed parking pass must be presented to the parking attendant or prominently displayed on your car's dashboard for the Lot attendant to see and verify.  To gain access to the Lot, a vehicle's license plate must match what  appears on your printed confirmation.

No. Each parking/tailgate reservation is for a specific vehicle identified by its license plate number.  You can not transfer your parking/tailgate reservation to another vehicle or Park n Party customer.  

Unfortunately, a refund can not be given in this situation.

Maybe.  Parking reservations are for a specifc Lot, not necessarily a specifc parking space.  Some Lots offer "Side by Side" parking.  When available, Side by Side parking reservations require one person to make the reservation for the entire group.  

A Convenience Fee is a fee charged by Park n Party for making and managing your parking reservation.

If you arrive on time, a full refund can be arranged.  If you were late, your Reservation Fee might be refunded, however, the Convenience Fee will not be refunded.  

In either case, please be sure to contact Park n Party Customer Support (support@parknparty.com) to request a refund.  If granted, please allow a minimum of 7 to 10 days for a refund to be processed through the credit card system.

No.  Park n Party does not own or operate any parking lots.  All parking lots are independently owner and operated.  Each lot establishes and enforces it own rules and regulations.

Yes! When it's time to assign a vehicle, select the "Rental Vehicle" option and follow the steps.

Lot Owner Questions

For 2017, all Listing Fees are being waived for new and returning Lot Owners. 

According to our Lot Owner Agreement Lot Owners pay a Listing Fee which is calculated based upon the first fifty (50) parking spots and tailgate spaces listed for an event by a Lot Owner on Park n Party®. 

No. Any event supported by Park n Party® for which you provide parking can be listed on the Park n Party®.

The Park n Party® Reservation System provides each Lot Owner with a variety of reports that allows for the ongoing monitoring of reservations and invenory. At any time, a Lot Owner can login to his/her account and see how many parking spots have been reserved, tailgate spaces rented, or how many other amenities have been sold (e.g., bathroom passes, etc.). Lot Owners can adjust inventory levels as needed. The evening before the event, Lot Owners can print a Reservation Report that lists all parking reservations, etc.


On the day of the event, customers will provide the Lot Owners or an attendant a Parking Pass when they arrive. The Parking Pass will contain information about parking reservations as well as vehicle information to check against the Lot's reservation list.

Tailgate Planning

Yes!  Park n Party's Tailgate Planning Service lets you Show up!  Eat up!, We clean up! 

Take a look at our Park n Party Tailgate Planning video for more information, click here.

Vehicle Check-In

You cannot check-in a vehicle or print a Parking Pass sooner than 48 hours before an event.


To Check-In your vehicle and print your Parking Pass follow these easy steps:


To Check-in your Vehicle:


NOTE: Before you can print your Parking Pass, you must assign a Vehicle to your Order#.  
You will NOT see the "View Details" unless it is 48 hours or less BEFORE the event.


  1. For the appropriate "Order#", click "View Details" in the last column on the right.

  2. Now, click "Assign Vehicle".

  3. Choose your Vehicle from the "Choose Vehicle" drop down list. If you need to add a vehicle, see below.

    • To add a Vehicle:  Select Make and Model of Vehicle, input its License Plate #.

  4. Check the Agreement box, click "Assign Vehicle" button. The check-in process is now completed.


To print your Parking Pass:


NOTE: Before you can Print a Parking Pass, you must assign a Vehicle to your Order#. See above, "To Check in your Vehicle".  
You cannot print a Parking Pass unless it is 48 hours or less BEFORE an event.


  1. For the appropriate Order#, click "View Details".  

  2. Click the Vehicle Link. If the link is "Assign Vehicle", follow steps above, "To Check-in your Vehicle".

  3. Your browser will open (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.). Print your Parking Pass.