Park N Party Over-Sized Vehicle List & Policies

Below is a list of vehicles that Park N Party defines as an Over-Sized Vehicle ("OSV").  Park N Party may, in its sole discretion, change and/or updates this list at any time without notice.  

Lot Policies and Prohibitions on OSV. No Refunds.
Each Lot listed with Park N Party has its own Lot webpage where it posts its OSV policies and prohibitions.  It is your sole responsibility to ensure that each vehicle you bring is qualified to park at the location you choose.  Lots are NOT required to honor your reservation if your bring a prohibited OSV.  If you are denied entrance to a Lot because you brought a prohibited vehicle of any type, you will NOT receive a refund.   

If a Lot, in its sole discretion, allows you to park a prohibited OSV, they may charge you an additional fee(s) in excess of the cost of your Park N Party reservation.

The definition of an OSV includes, but is not limited to, all Trucks, Vans, Passenger Vans, RVs, Buses, Trailers, Campers, Third/Fifth Wheels, large SUVs, all Commercial Vehicles, and similarly classified vehicles. 

Unless indicated otherwise, as a general matter, any vehicle over 17 feet in Length, 79 inches in Width (includes mirrors and running boards), or 70 inches in Height is considered an OSV.   Without exception, any vehicle described or listed on the Park N Party Over-Sized Vehicle List is classified as an OSV.

NOTE: To verify the length and width of your vehicle, please google vehicle make and model + "dimensions".  For example, "Ford Edge Dimensions".  Please don't call or email us asking for the length of your vehicle.

TRUCKS: All Trucks are defined as OSVs, regardless of length.  A Truck is any vehicle with a flatbed (whether covered or not).  There are no exceptions to this definition.  Some Lots specifically prohibit Trucks, some don't.  

RVs, Campers, Fifth Wheels: All RVs, Campers, Third/Fifth Wheels, regardless of length and width, are classified as OSVs.  All such vehicles require an RV specific reservation.

No Refunds. Additional Fees.
If you bring an OSV to a Lot that prohibits them, you will NOT receive a refund.  If you bring an OSV to a Lot that permits OSVs but your vehicle violates the Lot's policies (e.g., longer than 19'), you will NOT receive a refund. 

A Lot may or may not allow a prohibited OSV to park.  If it does, as an accommodation, the Lot is permitted to require that you pay an additional fee.  If you choose not to pay the extra fee, then you may not be allowed to park and you will not receive a refund from Park N Party.  

If you have any questions about OSVs, BEFORE making a reservation, please contact us at support@parknparty.com. 

Park N Party Over-Sized Vehicles List - 2023

  Make Model Description
Trucks All Makes & Models Any vehicle with a flatbed, regardless of length.  No exceptions.  
RVs & Others All Makes & Models  Includes RVs, Buses, Passenger Vans, Vans, Campers, Trailers, Third/Fifth Wheels, Pull Behinds, Commercial Vehicles, and other similar vehicles.
SUVs All Makes & Models More than 17 feet in Length or Wider than 79 inches (includes mirrors and running boards) or taller than 70 inches in Height.
Cars All Makes & Models More than 17 feet in Length or Wider than 79 inches (includes mirrors and running boards) or taller than 70 inches in Height.


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