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Every week, across the country before a big event there's a battle going on outside venues. It's between parking lot owners - each trying to lure in the next car coming down the road.

The scene is all too common: Parking crews standing by the side of the road wearing safety vests, waving bright orange flags, jumping up and down trying to get each driver's attention... Park Here! signs scattered up and down the streets read "Football Parking", "Tailgate Here" and "EZ-Out Parking". They feature prices that rise the closer you get to the venue.

As a parking lot owner, you’re always asking yourself:

  • How can I make my lot stand out in all of this chaos?
  • How can I sell out my lot faster?
  • How can I increase my number of loyal customers?
  • How can I make event day more profitable?

Park n Party ® is the answer!

When you join Park n Party’s® nationwide network, we'll put your lot in front of tens thousands of event goers who are looking for the convenience of reserving a parking spot, tailgate space, and other amenities. Park n Party® fans want to eliminate the frustration of not knowing where they'll park. They want to make it easy to find their friends and family. They want to enjoy their day!

With a listing on Park n Party® you can:

  • Attract tens of thousands of Park n Party® loyal customers.
  • Enjoy the many benefits of our Parking Reservation System.
  • Make your lot available for specific games or events.
  • Offer additional revenue generating amenities such as indoor bathrooms or premium tailgate space.
  • Control your reservation inventory online for each event.
  • Offer reservations for an individual game, multiple games, or the entire season.
  • Offer value-based pricing by segmenting your lot (V.I.P. Parking, Side by Side Parking, and more).
  • Maximize event day sales and profits!
  • Reduce event day labor costs!
  • Accept credit cards, reduce cash handling.

These are just a few of the advantages of working with Park n Party® to market your lot and manage your parking reservations.

There's no cost to joining the Park n Party® network!

To sign up today, just fill out our Lot Owner form!  If you have any questions, just give us a call at 888.926.7275.