Ann Arbor Megabus, MI - Briarwood Mall

Make your Megabus reserved parking reservations at Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Park n Party.


How to Reserve Megabus Parking:


You must purchase reserved parking for each overnight you park at Briarwood Mall.  For example, if you depart on Monday and pickup your vehicle on Wednesday, you must reserve parking for two (2) overnights (Monday and Tuesday).


During the checkout process, set "Qty" to the proper number of overnights.  In the above example, "Qty" would be two.  If you plan to return on the same day you depart, there's no need to make a parking reservation.


On the "Billing Information" page, at the bottom, there's a "Reservation Note" section.  Please enter the dates you'll Depart and Return.  For example, "Departing on 7/15/19. Returning on 7/18/19."  NOTE: Mall Security will use these dates to determine if you're legally parked at the Mall.


If you have any questions, please call Park n Party at 888.926.7275 or email us at